Monday, October 8, 2012

Christine getting wiped out by a wave!

Watch M.J. catch this wave all smooth like, and then me as I get CLOBBERED! 
It's short because I scared the snot out of everyone and Mike turned it off, since I didn't come up for a while.  
Did you know the ocean is powerful!?
It's can laugh =) 

Magical Vacation

We had a wonderful opportunity to take our family on a fabulous vacation.  Dear family friends of ours, the Jeffs, invited us to stay with them at Rachel's parents vacation home ON imperial beach in San Diego.  It was beautiful, warm, relaxing, and a blast spending time with our friends.  This trip held lots of firsts for us, kids' first time on an airplane, our first time in San Diego (or any warm beach for that matter), and the grand finale, Disneyland!

I couldn't resist using the song from Tangled (Ellie's new CD), At Last I See the Light...since we Millers have never had a desire to travel or really understood people's longing to vacation on a warm beach...I GET IT now!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

San Diego 2012

 3 days at Imperial Beach, house on the beach with a pool...what vacation is all about! 

Body boarded for the first time, I have a new appreciation for the ocean.  

 6 sweet kids playing at sunset - love them
Me and my dear friend Rachel! 

Rebuilding the beach (only happens every 20 years) pumping sand from Mission Bay over and hour away.  It was wild to see and hear, and lots of pretty shells! 

San Diego Bay - Saw Aircraft Carriers, and toured submarines and the famous ship that Pirates of the Caribbean and Master in Commander was filmed on. 

Day in San Diego

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SS Picnic - 2011

We had so much fun last year at the Sunday School Kick-Off BBQ! 
 I hope you all can make it this year! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Favorite Hobby

Our mid-thirty something hobby =) 
We've been raising, actually Shawn and Mars have been raising meat birds (even last year while brave and faithful pregnant Mars fed and change water for our baby chicks while 7 months prego!)  Mike and I show up on butcher day and take care of business with Shawn while our baby chick mama Mars hides away and waits for the meat to show up in white paper =)   I don't blame her one bit, it's taken me about a year to warm up to this butcher idea, however, now I look forward to it...what does that say about me?!?   I imagine someday we will look back fondly on our chicken adventures and our kids will make fun of us. 

Celebrating the faithful life of my Grandma Kay...

Miller Rockaway Beach Trip, 2012

Another fabulous year at Rockaway with the Millers!  

Of course we ate Tillamook Ice Cream for lunch - EVERY DAY! 

Had a blast taking the kids out on Lake Lytle to drag a fly.
Didn't catch a thing, but we sure had fun.
CRAZINESS I tell you pure CRAZINESS!  
It's below 70 and yes Michael and the kids are swimming in the freezing cold Oregon water!!! 

A Miller trip would not be complete without a little homemade ice cream, 
because we certainly didn't get enough at Tillamook!  
LOVED having Lynn for the day too!
 By the way this post is for you Lynn.  Are you out there looking at the forgotten blog? 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A few things have happened with the Millers since 2010

The kids first concert...Blake is a fan! 

The kids saved and saved toward the purchase of a trampoline. 
Best toy investment yet!

My sis Katy took off for her 7 month trip to travel South America.  
I miss her dearly.

A little Cousin/Benz picnic.

The kids helped Michael and I celebrate our 12 year anniversary!  We had so much fun with them, lots of laughing and silliness.  Check out Michael's skills, can tie the stem of a cherry into a knot with his TONGUE!   

Ellie's First Fancy Daddy Daughter Date
She watched the clock all afternoon to make sure she was ready for her date.  
Michael dressed up before be left work and came home to pick her up.  It was precious! 

Blake's First Man-Camp with Daddy!
I don't know half of what they did, and we are going to keep it that way! 
Blake loved every minute...the count-down is on for next year.

Had a wonderful week day hike with the Moffats and their Basque student.  
Great company and beautiful day! 

A very long awaited Fletchaker Reunion!  
It was so great to see our wonderful old family friends and all the kids, us kids have had over the last 9 years or so. We missed you, Joanne, Timmy and your families very much.